I'm fairly busy at the moment, so I don't really have time to work on free software, and when I do I really want to do something else than sit in front of a computer.

I have declared email bankruptcy at 45,000 unread mails. I still have them, and plan to deal with them in small batches of a few hundred at a time, but in case you sent me something important, it is probably stuck in there. I now practice Inbox Zero, so resending it is a good way to reach me.

For my Debian packages, not much changes. Any package with more than ten users is team maintained anyway. Sponsoring for the packages where I agreed to do so goes on.

For KiCad, I won't get around to much of what I'd planned this year. Fortunately, at this point no one expects me to do anything soon. I still look into the CI system and unclog anything that doesn't clear on its own within a week.

Plans for December:

  • actually having my own place. While I like the room I'm staying at, it is still fairly expensive because it's paid by the day, and living out of a suitcase without access to my library is kind of annoying after some time.
  • finishing the paperwork for 2016. Except for some small bits, most of it is in place.
  • 33C3. This time, instead of the "two monitors, three computers" setup, my plan is to have a single laptop only, and have it closed most of the time so the battery lasts the whole day.
  • See how far I'll get with the controller board for the CNC mill in the Munich Maker Lab. Absolutely no pressure there, it's only the most complex and expensive PCB I ever made.

Plans for January:

  • Getting settled in.
  • Back to the Carbon Monoxide detector board that we started in early November. The board is simple enough.
  • Visiting a demoparty in Finland

Plans for February:

  • FOSDEM. I plan to hang out in the EDA devroom most of the time, and go to dinner with friends.
  • Party. Specifically, a housewarming party for whatever flat I'll have then.

Other than that, reading lots of books and meeting other people.