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@@ -11,20 +11,20 @@ for a CNC mill.
 Our [local hackerspace](http://www.munichmakerlab.de/) has been offered a
 CNC mill, and we've had a few days to play with it.
-![CNC mill: overview](cnc-overview.jpg)
+[[!img size="816x612" alt="CNC mill: overview" cnc-overview.jpg]]
 As we received it, the machine didn't have endstops, so we added some,
 using microswitches and 3D printed cases to hold them in place.
-![CNC mill: endstops](cnc-endstops.jpg)
+[[!img size="816x612" alt="CNC mill: endstops" cnc-endstops.jpg]]
 The stepper driver board is one I've not seen so far:
-![CNC mill: stepper drivers](cnc-controller.jpg)
+[[!img size="816x612" alt="CNC mill: stepper drivers" cnc-controller.jpg]]
 It is connected to the computer's parallel port
-![CNC mill: parallel port](cnc-parallelport.jpg)
+[[!img size="816x612" alt="CNC mill: parallel port" cnc-parallelport.jpg]]
 The pinout is fairly simple: the data strobe is used as the stepper enable,
 and the eight data pins are the step and direction pins for the four
@@ -57,18 +57,18 @@ connecting everything in a way that makes sense, and has no crossing wires.
 I've left out pin D4, which is the Chip Select line to the SD card, as
 well, so I can use the SD card later on.
-![CNC mill: Arduino shield schematic](cnc-schematic.png)
+[[!img size="1637x1123" alt="CNC mill: Arduino shield schematic" cnc-schematic.png]]
 As a PCB, it looks like this:
-![CNC mill: Arduino shield PCB design](cnc-pcb.png)
+[[!img size="1637x1123" alt="CNC mill: Arduino shield PCB design" cnc-pcb.png]]
 Obviously, this is a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation here: to route that
 board, we need the router to work, so I made a few temporary connections
 using breadboard wires.
-![CNC mill: temporary connection 1](cnc-connector.jpg)
-![CNC mill: temporary connection 2](cnc-arduino.jpg)
+[[!img size="816x612" alt="CNC mill: temporary connection 1" cnc-connector.jpg]]
+[[!img size="816x612" alt="CNC mill: temporary connection 2" cnc-arduino.jpg]]
 With these connections made, it's ready to be powered up. While the
 debugger is connected, pin D0 is going to be driven by the serial port, so